a little girl who loved fancy things. She loved dresses that twirled, pretty tutus and splendid tea parties. But Hannah loved her kittens most of all.

She loved real kittens and stuffed kittens. She loved reading books about kittens…painting pictures of kittens…and playing with kittens. Kittens had to be on everything in her room: her clothes, her backpack, her socks, her pillows, her lunch bag.

However, finding quality children’s products with images of kittens was nearly impossible. Ordinary, poorly-made stuffed animals were everywhere; but no one had ever taken the time, or expense, to create a truly fancy, high-quality stuffed cat or kitten for children.

By the time Hannah was a teenager, she and her mother decided to do something about it. First, they set out to find the softest, most luxurious faux fur made. Boxes and boxes of faux furs came from the Orient. Some were itchy. Some had stiff backing. Some were simply, well, not right. Their search continued. They hunted through fur warehouses, looking at faux furs from all over Europe. Finally, they found a tiny piece of the softest faux fur they had ever felt. It felt like Chinchilla, or bunny fur. There was hope! A company in Paris, France was making the fanciest faux furs they had ever seen.

Months later, the samples of faux furs arrived from France and the prototype began.

Hannah and her mother hired a pattern maker and they all set to work. They photographed real kittens at different stages of development. Kittens at four weeks. Kittens at six weeks. Kittens at sleep. Kittens at play. They noticed that the legs were short…and the tummies were round. The ears were tiny, and so was the tail.

So why did all the other kitties in stores have long legs like giraffes? And long tails like dogs? And why weren’t they beautiful like real cats and kittens?

After another year and a half…and 12 noses, 15 muzzles, 20 ears, 11 legs, 17 tails, 14 heads and 12 different eyes…the kittens were born. There they were — the cutest, cuddliest, most adorable, most fancy kittens anyone had cared enough to make.

Next, of course, they needed a basket. Hannah and her mom searched the city and internet. They tried baskets of all sorts. Some with handles, some without. Some with hard, scratchy sides. Some with really hard, scratchy sides. These would not do.

So they put their heads together with the pattern maker and created a softer, girlier, prettier basket for the kittens to sleep in. Pink satin ribbons were woven together to create a fabric that was placed over a soft, foam basket. The final touches? Pink velvet on the bottom, pink satin inside, and fluffy marabou around the rim. Voila! Finally they had created a basket that was fancy enough for Hannah’s Kittens.

Why did they go to so much trouble and spend three long years creating these kitties? Because everyone knows that little girls are sweet, adorable and very dear…and they should be treated to fancy things.